If you need a bill of functionnal specifications for your new project or an evolution of one wich exist with strong privacy and powerfull algorithms with great security of infrastructure developping and monitoring you can save your time by our consultant and developper to reach the settings of your application developped in our Laboratory Research&Developpment or by your team with QXtrud remote labs security.

(DIGITRUN) It starts in 2009 with a previous activity in R&D of hard disk drive for data recovery. It was a start point for good strategy from embedded to desktop applications. In 2012 our team has reach a goal of a "tree projects" and for sure R&D in sciences such has mathematics, physics, minerals chemestry, cognitive statistics and IT security. (2015) By now we have strong algorithms to make your project strong over (simple trust by beeing each aware of the project) or under (by learning new types of programmation) our QXtrud Quantic supercalculator.

Simple. 'Hacks makers' -in a code- making revelance of universality for comparaison on a common grid, by members, providing integrity on interactions with others "universalized codes", it results a method into, creating a context for networked solutions : nodes; hardware and software.

The association has been shaped by Volkey AMSTRA to give answers on open source problems with security in quantic so called programs (which refers to hyper-virtualization and sub).

What is hyper-virtualization and sub?
All process which permit a virtualization through identification of a dynamic context, itself linked to an exchange table used by quantic programs describing contrafactual factorisation of hyper-virtualization.

The aim in this context is to observe how a software can go over the processor and can by its structure, also interactions, bring a description approaching quantics models.
Interrest is macrocosmos and microcomos scubed in mathematics enumerating acceleration, a way is open for "educational" purpose by theory of the universal protected singularity and if we use the LibelLacis Software License with update for necessary.

LibelLacis License need its first Architect programmer, if you are volonteer in projects, we can met.